Features & Press

The following are companies I have worked directly with to create content on their social media platforms or to promote their products and services on my personal social media platforms.


Inkbox is a company who created the feel of the permanent tattoo without any of the long term commitment. 

Slide Belts

Slide Belts is a company who redesigned the traditional belt. No more more worn out holes and unreliable prongs. Instead the belt uses a tab on the buckle that ratcheted into ridges found on the back of the leather strap.


Kreedom is not only a sunglasses manufacturer, they are also a brand. These sunglasses are incredible with their core idea being; "Twice the quality for half the price, all while delivering the best customer service." The glasses were very durable which made me think I could tackle any adventure.

Hari Mari

A company who redesigned the flip flop for comfort. The flip flops are made of premium material like memory foam. Not only that but they also donate a portion of all sales to support kids battling cancer.

Aqua Pura

This is a company who's all about giving back and paying it forward, Aqua Pura sells handmade unisex accessories and donates a portion to water.org. This is in an effort to help supply clean water to those who in need.


Neff is the first authentic core snow and skate board headwear company. Neff is a fun vibe company who not only specializes in headwear but also fashion and entertainment. 

Rice Love

This is a company based on one principle, "Buy a bag, feed a family." Helping people is the core of what Rice Love does from giving rice to taking care of the planet. For every item Rice Love sells they give away 1 kilo of rice to those in need.

Richer Poorer

This is underwear that makes your daily live a little more comfortable. They're t-shirts are super soft and extremely comfortable to wear as under shirts.


This is a company that believes, "own less, live more." This definitely evident in their sleek elegant design phone cases and  charging hub. The designs are very minimalist and clean.